Karma: Why there are no rules

There are those who don’t believe in Karma because they either don’t understand the concept or are afraid of it. Either way, you can’t escape, manipulate, or trick Karma, as it exists in a natural state.

Karma is enacted with every thought or action each of us experiences. Adverse Karma appears when someone deliberately causes harm either by thinking of it, or by an action or inaction (even if a plan didn’t work out, then the Karma would still exist). It’s more than a moral code; it is based on conscious intent. A simple example would be a cashier deliberately short-changing a customer and pocketing the difference, but if it was a mistake then no adverse Karma would be created. So it’s not merely the action, but the intent. This also applies if you considered an action but it never happened; an example would be cheating on a partner, but then at the last minute you decide not to. The intent has created adverse Karma, but at a lower level which can be rebalanced.

Others try to cheat Karma by taking specific actions to avoid karmic consequences; again that doesn’t work. An example would be reporting a crime not because it is the civic thing to do (and right and moral), but because of the fear of adverse Karma and what others think, because they knew something and didn’t come forward. Even though the action is moral, the intent is less then genuine and as a result some adverse Karma is generated because it was for selfish reasons.

Beneficial Karma is enacted through genuine deeds and thoughts; even if you offer to help someone and they say ‘no thanks’ the offer will generate beneficial Karma. Those who do charitable deeds for other reasons than to help, will not generate beneficial Karma, but it will remain in the neutral zone. It may help rebalance smaller acts of adverse Karma, but that is why intent is more important than the action. Several examples are when people publicly do good charitable deeds for publicity, or are doing community service as a punishment. These actions, while do help do not attract beneficial Karma, because they were not offered from the heart.

Many people see Karma as justice, but it is not. It’s a natural way to balance unjust actions with good ones, so justice will not be always achieved, sometimes it will be a lesson learned. Rather than an eye for an eye, Karma is fair and just but Karma will be enacted when the time is right on a Soul level. Only when a Soul is ready to learn the consequences of their actions will Karma appear; it would be not be beneficial to someone who cannot understand or see the error of their ways. That is why in Young Souls, karmic debt accrues and doesn’t begin to be repaid until later as they are not ready to learn to consequences of their actions.

There is no time limit with Karma, it can span years and many incarnations, so many karmic actions are built up from past lives. With each incarnation small amounts of karmic debt is repaid, often subconsciously and the intense lessons some Souls face maybe linked to karmic past life issues. While some consider Karma can only exist in the current incarnation, what that Soul seeks is justice or revenge and Karma is neither. Trusting in Karma is taking a blind leap of faith, because the Soul must ground itself and resist temptation of vengeance. It’s not easy if others think you are a walk over, but there is a difference between standing up for yourself and manipulating events to get even. By pursuing the latter, the Soul is creating adverse Karma and the Karma due from the other party is negated, thus neutralizing the adverse Karma due.

Karma is neutral and doesn’t judge, but rebalances acts. As long as you are honest with yourself and knowingly do things with genuine intent, then karmic debt will be repaid and less adverse Karma will accumulate. Realistically there can never be a karma free incarnation, but aim for one where the balance is towards the beneficial side and know that you can’t hide any lies or deceit. Some people live in denial, but underneath it they know the truth, and so does Karma, always.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.

First published http://thesoulexpedition.com/reincarnation/karma-why-there-are-no-rules/


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